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Why us?

Commercial design

Brand design isn't just a beautiful picture. It's a solution to specific business tasks. In design projects we use marketing technology to convey value of a product/service to your customers and encourage they to buy

Realization of your wishes

We don't work like "the artist sees it that way". Your business is your brainchild, and you have a unique vision. We help shape your vision and frame it into a modern, professional and commercial design

Result assurance

We complete the project when you are satisfied with the result. Each project is destined for successful completion, because we are initially moving on the way of forming and realizing your desires


Portfolio shows the unique vision and wishes of our customers framed with our help in a professional design

Service packages



Work process

Strategic phase

We will hold a consultation and a briefing, then we will talk about the meaning and objectives of the business for a better understanding of the brand strategy and we will draw up an individual project plan

Development phase

Analyze competitors, create Moodboard, hold consultation-discussion of design examples to understand the boundaries of desired, create ideas and basic concepts

Final phase

Make corrections, approve the basic concepts, make full payment and transfer of all source and presentation materials and rights


Everything is always on time, high quality and from the heart. Thanks for the awesome logos and branding! As I was a regular customer, I remain, and I recommend it to my friends.

Sergey Smaglyuk

Founder&CEO QA Agency UTOR

From the first time, Lilia absolutely caught what we needed. Ahead of the expected deadlines and anticipated the wishes for the quality of work. I am very pleased with our cooperation, and very grateful for the highest level of service. I recommend it to everyone without a doubt!

Julia Konstantinovskaya

Co-founder Lifehack Academy

Several people created a logo for me - but everything did not fit! I placed an order for Lilia and a week later I received the logo options. One of them approved right away. The result was a very laconic logo with a powerful motivating meaning. In a word, I am 100% satisfied! I recommend!

Dmitry Buzovsky

Public speaking coach

What I liked most about working with Lilia was that she seemed to feel exactly what I needed. It’s very cool when you don’t know how to explain, but as a result you get exactly what you wanted. Clarity, fulfillment of an earlier deadline, as well as some "buns" as a gift today seem self-evident, but not all of them can be obtained. I received all this from Lily, for which I am extremely grateful.

Daria Lungol

Founder Sobi wear brand

It was great working with Lilia! She designed a logo for my clothing line and was very patient, detailed, inventive, and very professional. I like her sense of style and work ethics. After a few iterations she was able to come up with exactly what I needed and wanted! Thank you!

Rina Gendelman

Owner in Atelier Vertex

Lilia is a specialist who does not act according to patterns, with a sense of aesthetics and not without a sense of beauty. This is close to me, therefore, when they ask me about the designer, I say her name.

Kirill Chirkov

Founder vape brand Vaporarium

Working with Lilia is a pleasure. An excellent combination of a sense of style and understanding of the client's expectations, seasoned with effective communication and punctuality, helped me quickly and efficiently solve the most difficult tasks of the company's corporate identity. I recommend Lilia to those who value their time and want a quality result.

Vyacheslav Rudnitsky

Chief Learning Experience Officer в Savvy

Lilia designed a logo for my company. I was very pleased with the results of the work and in every possible way I can recommend Lilia as a very responsible, patient and professional specialist. Everything turned out great!

Nikolai Maly

Founder ProcessFather

It is a very difficult task to create a logo and a business card that would be different from all those existing on the market, taking into account the enormous variety and variation of common symbols. Lilia, thank you so much for such an exclusive, stylish and incredibly beautiful logo. It is a pleasure to work with you, and your professionalism and love for work are unrivaled!

Marina Chernysh

Private notary

Lily, I am very grateful to you for creating the logo. Having extensive experience in communicating with other designers, I can safely say that you are the best! You hear and understand the client so well that you can create a masterpiece. I believe that the logo for my companies can be safely called a work of art. Thanks a lot.

Irina Slyusarenko

Visa expert, founder of Visa support group and Art Estate

I want to express my deep gratitude to Lilia Volovelskaya! She immediately understood my requirements and wishes, which resulted in a prompt and desired result. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with interesting ideas, and an extraordinary approach to ordering! I am very pleased with the process of joint work and the result. Everything was done quickly, efficiently and creatively!

Anna Kulinich

Founder of the school of cosmetologists Pava beauty

I am very pleased with the cooperation with Lilia. I ordered the development of corporate identity from her. All work was completed ahead of schedule. The prices are pleasant and fully correspond to the quality of Lilia's work. She is a true professional in her field! I recommend her to everyone, as a high specialist in the field of brand design for both a company and a personal brand.

Dmitry Magdych

Immigration lawyer in Italy, France, Monaco

I have long heard about Lilia and seen her work. But we did not immediately manage to work in the new company, because we decided to cooperate with already familiar designers. But! Their result did not suit us, and we nevertheless turned to Lilia. Thanks to the professional approach at the call stage, it became clear that she is a professional who, like no one else on the market, approaches the development of a logo. It was her approach, argumentation, confidence and portfolio that did their job - we trusted and did not lose! Personally, I highly appreciated her resilience, level of knowledge, experience, negotiation and the end result! And given that the task was difficult, then Lilia coped with the task for 5 in the agreed time! Thank you, I look forward to further work and new projects!

Olga Yakovleva

Marketing director

It was necessary to redesign the company logo. I immediately contacted Lilia, as she is the author of the logo and corporate identity of our partners. The task was completed quickly and efficiently, as far as possible in the creative process. I want to note how Lilia gently but persistently led us to the final version, shifting the focus from some of the “excesses” that we initially wanted to squeeze into the logo. As a result, all the wishes were embodied in the final version, but in a much more harmonious and concise form. At the same time, looking at him, you see that this is what you wanted, but could not really explain. Special respect for the detailed instructions for using the logo: proportions, colors, fonts, etc.! Summary: Lilia is really a Pro in her field, I recommend for cooperation!

Oleg Klimenko

Founder of cleaning systems company Konstrack

Several times we worked with the execution of tasks on external outsourcing. No specialist has ever been better than Lilia Volovelska. She clearly understands the client, it feels like we were on the same wavelength - she thoroughly studies the project and understands the message that the company wants to show to mass users. It offers very refined, modern, stylish, but seasoned solutions. WE RECOMMEND!!!

Alexey Savin

Co-founder of AION Modular Solution brand

Lilia, thank you for developing the design for the European School of Psychology! Everything turned out beautifully, stylishly and, according to the feedback of our students, it suits our School "in character". And this, probably, is the most important thing in design - to express the uniqueness and character of the company through graphics. Thank you again for your cooperation and highly recommend to anyone who wants to get a beautiful design with meaning!

Kristina Kudryavtseva

Founder of the European School of Psychology

Many thanks to Lilia for valuable advice on personal branding. The recommendations were clear, concise, and to the point. Lily expanded the horizons of perception of my image and directed my thoughts in the right direction. The consultation time flew by instantly, the value of the information is evidenced by a written notebook. I recommend Lilia as a very cool specialist!

Alina Bogdan

Marketer, copywriter


At the consultation we will create an individual project plan, where we will think about what semantic aspects and design elements are necessary for your brand. After full approval of the plan, we will calculate the budget of the project and begin to work.

If the basic concepts don’t fit, then each additional option will not cost as a new project. It will be considered as an additional concept. But 95% of the projects are successfully completed in the first stage of development.

It all depends on the difference in the task and at what stage the task was replaced. If we have not started implementation, the changes in cost may be insignificant. If you completely change the marketing strategy or the name of the company, it will be a new project with a different specification.

At the first consultation we will discuss all the details of the project. I will explain how our work will proceed step by step and answer all the questions. After that it will be necessary to fill the brief (independently or with our help), which the right questions will lead to a deeper understanding. You can count on our professionalism not only in solving the problem, but also in helping in its formulation.

No. Project will be open after prepayment’s transfer – 50% of the total cost of the project. This will rise trust between us, gives additional motivation and guarantees on your part.


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